The dream of fulfilling a second life.

Our company has spent many years creating our dream property development on the southern shores of La Gomera. The houses hug the gentle slopes well above the sea level, providing a panoramic view from sunrise to sunset as the sun traverses the Atlantic.

The property is located close to the charming fishing village of Playa Santiago, where life goes on much as it has always done.

The subtropical climate provides a comfortable ambiance all year. There is little noise, no mass tourism and a relaxed atmosphere where stress and security problems are blissfully absent.

Welcome to La Gomera

My family has had an enduring relationship with La Gomera starting in the early 20th Century. Our story was a classic case of adventurous Norwegian…

Petter Olsen


Santa Ana – Villas Parque Mirador

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The fishermen of Playa Santiago still bring in their catch every morning, providing the restaurants with delightful seafood. This small village has bars and restaurants that serve the local population and where visitors do not feel out of place. It does not take long for a new resident to be greeted by the locals with a friendly nod.

Canaries position in the world.

La Gomera position in Canaries

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