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The “Gomeros” are well known party lovers – and the traditional Christian celebrations blend with pagan traditions.

Typically, the celebrations start with a colourful procession where participants dance to the rhythms of pagan instruments such as the “Chacaras” and “Tambor”.

Hours go by and children, old couples and youth gather around the village square where local bands play the Latin American “Pechanga” until dawn.

Most of the Fiestas take place during the summer and these are some of the important fiestas celebrated in Alajero:

  • “Nuestra señora de Carmen” – The fishermen guardian saint, this Fiesta starts with a beautiful procession at sea. The village fishermen decorate their boats and they navigate all together by the coast line, singing, playing music and praising their Guardian. (Middle of July)

  • “Fiesta de Santiago” as the name suggests Santiago is the Patron of the village Playa Santiago; it is therefore a big and important Fiesta. (End of July)

  • “Fiesta de San Roque”. This is one of the most beautiful and fun Fiestas. It starts with a morning procession from the village square to the nearest beach, Tapahuga and lasts for about 5 hours. A big decorated truck invites all participants to a glass or two of “Sangria”. When the procession finally reaches its destination, all enjoy a big “Paella” and the next few hours the participants dance and enjoy the beach. (First half of August)

  • “Fiesta Virgen del Paso”. This Fiesta is celebrated in Alajero. It starts with a morning procession from the little chapel of the “Virgin del Paso”.

This is a unique procession because many of the participants dance the pagan dance “Baile de tambor” all the way through until they reach their destination, the village square of Alajero where they sing and praise their guardian Virgin. After enjoying the selection of food on the stalls that offer typical tapas, all participants gather around the local band to dance until the morning. This fiesta lasts from 3 to 5 days.

  • Carnival: the Carnival is a very important celebration for Canarians in general and Playa Santiago and Alajero offer a very good taste of what is a real Carnival. Every year the village decides on a new theme and all of the participants collaborate with very imaginative costumes. The carnival starts with a lively parade, and is concluded with a big dance party in the village square.

The second day is a very special occasion; the end of the Carnival is celebrated as a big funeral. The death of the Carnival is symbolized by the death of a big Sardine. Men are dressed as widows and everyone is mourning the death of their beloved Sardine. (February or beginning of March)

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