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Comfortable temperatures throughout the entire year allow you to explore the unique routes, leading through fantastic landscapes.


Mountain bikers will get their money’s worth on the paths and trails of the wild ravines and misty forests of La Gomera. Comfortable temperatures throughout the entire year allow you to explore the unique routes, leading through fantastic landscapes.

Bizarre stone formations and unparalleled views await cyclists venturing onto the routes leading through lush forests and along impressive ravines.

A Unique Landscape

The green north, with its beautiful valleys, is the perfect territory for cyclists.
But also the central highland and the southern part of the island offer cycle routes through an almost dreamlike mountainous landscape, for beginners and experts alike.
The entire island is full of old donkey paths and paths connecting villages with one another, that nowadays offer excellent cycle trails for ambitious mountain bikers.

Individual Cycle-Tours

Cyclists on La Gomera can take captivating tours to suit their tastes and capabilities.
Local cycle-guides conduct organised day tours with different levels of difficulty through the fascinating landscapes of the green island.


Golf course on the island of La Gomera is unique in several respects. On the one hand, it offers the most spectacular views of the natural beauty of the Gomeran landscape, from the Atlantic Ocean and Mount Teide on Tenerife. The aspect that most impresses golfers is the scenery in which they play. And, in Tecina, this scenery is unparalleled.

Another unique aspect is that the project shows that today, thanks to modern technology and advanced construction equipment, it is possible to create a world-class golf course even on the most difficult of terrains (from the standpoint of golf). Therefore, we must recognize the merit of all persons involved in the construction field. It was very gratifying that all decisions taken on the quality of materials and specifications have succeeded in creating a better calibre of course. Even sand was imported from Africa to cover all the fairways, greens and tees.

A unique aspect of this course is that it plays like a ski slope, descending a steep slope (the distance between the top and bottom is 175 m.), which gives the golfer an experience of almost continuous descent. This means that on all holes the golfer enjoys a sea view, something that few golf courses in the world can match.

Taking into account that most players are tourists who want to enjoy a friendly game of golf, areas have been designed around the holes so that they are spacious and comfortable. However, it will test the best golfers to have to put their shots on the right side of the fairways and greens to get the best advantage. In addition, there are a number of holes as the 4th, 10th and 12th, which will remain in the memory of the players, reminding them of a pleasant experience and tempting them to come back soon.

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