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Playa Santiago

Playa Santiago is a small fishing village on the southern coast of La Gomera, it has developed gradually into an attractive tourist venue that keeps its authenticity, among restaurants, little shops and bars by the beach, the daily village life is taking its course. Fishermen are coming back to the port after a long night fishing, the old men are meeting for their daily game of Domino in the village square.

The village has opened to tourists in the 80’s when the Olsen family built the beautiful Hotel Jardin Tecina overlooking the Atlantic, the Hotel offers a variety of services, restaurants, tennis courses and Padel.

On the slopes of Tecina just above the village lies the Tecina Golf course, unique in its overwhelming view to the ocean and to mount Teide. Many visitors fall in love with the charming, naive and simple ambience of the village and they come back every year. The locals are very friendly and open and there is a wonderful feeling of a being part of a community. Like a big family.

On the southern coast of La Gomera, in the heart of the rural municipality of Alajero, lies the picturesque fishing village of Playa Santiago where daybreak sees the small fleet of cornflower blue fishing boats return from their night’s work to land their catch in the harbour.


Located on the southern slope of the Island, Alajero is like a balcony overlooking the Atlantic. The village is decorated with wild Canary palm trees and Almond trees and the villagers are still living a traditional life cultivating their own vegetables, raising goats and chickens, preparing their own cheese and wine.

Although the old generation lives very happily in Alajero the village has a young spirit to it, many young families live in Alajero, there is even a small primary school. There are some very good restaurants in Alajero: One is “Las Palmeras” where you can taste the best of the traditional Canary kitchen. A small community of foreigners lives in the village and you can find a German Bakery, a charming little restaurant called “El Drago” that offers very special food with a German touch and “Meson de Clemente” without doubt the best restaurant for meat lovers – offering a taste of Venezuela.

The owners of this restaurant like many others in the 40ies emigrated from the Canary islands to south America, mainly Venezuela and Cuba looking for a better life. Many of them came back to the Canary Islands bringing with them many of the tastes, music and traditions.

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