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Villas Parque Mirador

Welcome to Villas Parque Mirador in La Gomera, a unique living experience in which the beauty and purity of your surroundings blend with island traditions.

The villas are part of a unique and exclusive residential village on the sun soaked, southern shores of La Gomera named Santa Ana, characterised by organic farming, energy efficiency and sustainable living.

Close your eyes and think of waking up to blue skies and the infinite beauty of the Atlantic Ocean at your feet; where the tranquillity that surrounds your cliff top villa is broken only by the songs of birds in the fruit trees and the rustle of palm fronds in the gentle breeze. Breathe in the clean air; feel the energy of the ocean coursing through you and the warm caress of sunshine on your face, and smile at the dawn of your new life.

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Villa 1 (278 m2)

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Villa 2 (115 m2)

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Villa 3 (244 m2)

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Villa 4 (244 m2)

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